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Advanced Drama Presents "Trick or Troupe"

The Clayton Arts Academy Advanced Drama Troupe will perform “Trick or Troupe” this Friday, October 28, Saturday, October 29 at 7:00 p.m., and Sunday, October 30 at 3:00 p.m. in the Multi-Use Room.

“Trick or Troupe” is a Halloween production encompassing musical theater, dramatic pieces, and more. The Drama Troupe has been rehearsing for weeks and enlisted “dozens of students” from the Tech Crew to support lighting and sound demands. Tickets are available at or at the door. The price is $5 for students and $10 for the general public, with a $2 fee for the use of a credit card.

“I chose this production because I wanted to empower the students and give them some production experience,” explained Elizabeth Emigh, the director of Trick or Troupe. “Students submitted ideas for the program and we did cold-readings and song excerpts for auditions.”

Charlie Ricks, a sophomore in the production, acknowledged the intensity of preparation. “It’s a challenge, definitely. It takes up a whole lot of after school hours.”

Emigh elaborated that students had a variety of duties in order to craft the “cabaret,” noting that “they directed, wrote, choreographed, blocked, music-directed, costumed,” and more.

Brian Doolittle, a senior and production assistant for Trick or Troupe, expressed mixed emotions about the demands of the show. “As a senior in drama, I’ve been tasked with not only performing in the show, but also directing and coming up with a lot of it,” he said, though the medium elicited passion nonetheless.

“I use drama to get into somebody else’s shoes and distract myself so I don’t have to think about my struggles,” Doolittle revealed. “If I can do that for a group of three hundred people, that’s so amazing to know that when they leave, that's what they’re thinking about.”

Aidan Weber, a sophomore drama student, summarized that Trick or Troupe will be the showcase of “a very chaotic family.”

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