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  • Lian Blaisdell

After School Homework Help Returns

Updated: Mar 11

The Homework Help program is reverting to its after school form under the supervision of Precalculus and Algebra 2 teacher Marty Fong.

Homework Help is resuming its original after school model following an attempted shift to Ugly Hour. The program will continue from its most recent form in the library. Peer mentors will be available to assist after school Monday through Thursday starting at 3:30 pm.

The beauty of Homework Help, Fong noted, was that students “can just drop in” and “they don’t need to sign up ahead of time or anything.”

The Ugly Hour model, by comparison, would have required students to schedule their tutoring.

Kellsey Ogu, an academic mentor of multiple years, observed that “people need help with general homework, and Ugly Hour is only two times a week.”

Kailey Gotfried, an academic manager, asserted that “the best time for everyone to get help and support” is after school with the academic mentors.

“We’ll sign you in, ask you what class you want to get help for,” Fong explained of the after school model.

Suzane Johnson, an academic mentor, highlighted that Fong’s presence allows for “questions of clarification” beyond the expertise of mentors. “Overall, Homework Help has been very productive already since its return!”

Fernando Perez, an academic manager, summarized that “this is how it’s been done in the past and it’s worked out very smoothly” upon its return.

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