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Are High Schoolers Actually Pro-Jugglers?

As we all know, many students who attend CV have responsibilities outside of school, like working a job. Are high school students actually pro-jugglers after all? Three high school students were asked:

What is it like balancing school and maintaining a job? Do you get stressed sometimes from it? Is it more overwhelming than it was before? How do you balance school and work? How does it affect your social life? Are your parents supportive, and do they help out when/if you’re struggling?

Morgan Perkins, junior: “Since the school year started, I’ve chosen to only work on weekends which makes it much easier to have a work-school balance. The only stressful part of my job is on Friday nights when it gets busy because it can be hard to serve multiple tables at once. It isn’t as overwhelming as it was before, no, only because working in the summer was a lot more challenging. Trying to balance two jobs and figuring out different schedules and what not. Now, only working a few days a week, I have more time to relax. I tend to get all my school work done before the week is over so I have time on the weekends to work. It’s definitely harder maintaining a job and balancing life on top of that. With my social life, it has left me with less time spent with friends and family but it’s not a huge difference than when I was playing soccer games on the weekend; so it’s manageable. Usually, my parents come see me at work every weekend, and are supportive/proud of how hard I work.”

Ryan Ross, junior: “Balancing school and work can be difficult at times, but it can often be a good excuse to get away from the books for a while. It can be stressful at times working, but it also helps relieve stress because it gets your mind off of all your school work. I do not find it too overwhelming to be working right now during these times, so it is manageable. Before going to work, I try to set a personal goal to get most of my busy work done so that once I get back from work, I can chill out and dive deeper into the stuff that I really need to learn. Although it may make it harder to spend time with others, I have found that working has actually helped my social life because of all the new people that I have met, and especially since most of the people I work with are my friends. I am pretty good at balancing everything by myself, but I am sure if I needed help my parents would definitely lend a hand.”

Allison Pamer, junior: “Right now, balancing school and my job isn't too much of a struggle. I work at Jamba Juice and we don’t get a lot of customers this time of year, so I usually work on any school assignments that have not been finished in the back of the store. I do find that I get stressed from my job occasionally, but not often. I didn’t have a job before COVID, so I wouldn’t know, but it’s much more stressful in the winter when I have school rather than the summer when I don’t. A lot of the times when I work a night shift I will usually bring in my school work and finish it there since we don’t get a lot of customers at night. I work with mainly college and high school students, so they understand. It isn’t great having a job when you also want to maintain an active social life. I’ll often have to plan events at least two weeks ahead or get my shift covered at work if I have something I really don’t want to miss. Fortunately, my parents are very supportive with my job. I first got a job in hopes of saving up and buying a car, and although I’m not close to my goal yet, they are still helping me plan for the future and teaching me how to save my money well.”

To summarize, working a job and going to school at the same time can have its pros and cons. If you choose to work or plan on working during these times, maybe ask yourself if it will affect your life in a positive or negative way.

As Perkins noted, some may be busier than others, or may be stacked with school work that they may not have time to be working right now. Social lives may also be affected, but there is always a way to make work more manageable.

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