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ASB Attends Annual Leadership Conference

ASB and Renaissance Leadership attended the annual Tri-Valley Leadership Conference, or TVLC, this January. CVCHS engaged students from fourteen other high schools and encountered speakers such as the co-founder of popular photo-editing app, VSCO.

CVCHS has attended TVLC since the 2014-2015 school year. The aim of the conference is the exchange of ideas between leadership students about organizing, school spirit, and more. This year ASB invited Renaissance Leadership to attend with them for the first time.

Miranda Ramirez, the ASB club commissioner, described it as “the best ASB experience I’ve had in the last two years.”

The conference is coordinated by high schools in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District. It was hosted this year by Dougherty Valley High School.

“We just register as many students as want to go,” explained Jenna Ebert, the ASB advisor. The goal of CVCHS is to provide as many students as possible with positive, intercommunity leadership involvement.

“It was a reassuring experience,” said Leah Lopez, ASB Vice President, “It let me know I was doing everything I can as a leader.”

Regardless of practical knowledge attained at the conference, multiple students emphasized the impact of its energy. Lopez noted that “it’s helped me be more passionate,” a welcome influence when “sometimes you get absorbed in all the work you’re doing” to the point where you lose connection with on-the-ground spirit and student community.

Ebert, too, observed that in the “short term, they leave really motivated and inspired. Long term, they’re eager to plan more.”

ASB flexed their long term planning to attend the conference. Marisa Wilson, the fiscal director, explained that “classes don’t fundraise for field trips, but usually ask for donations,” while ASB paid “for the entrance fee and bus to transport students” with funds “acquired through fundraising.”

Ebert estimated that roughly sixty students packed into a single bus with ASB and Renaissance Leadership combined. On including Renaissance Leadership after years of ASB attending alone, Ebert said “It was nice to bring a bigger crowd.”

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