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Clayton Valley Science Olympiad

The CVCHS Science Olympiad team is preparing for the Golden Gate Science Olympiad invitational weeks after a recent competition at UC Davis. GGSO is a functional collaboration between UC Berkeley and Stanford University, though hosted by the former.

CVCHS students have been participating in virtual and physical Science Olympiad contests since fall 2022. Science Olympiad, a multi-level, nationwide STEM competition, requires students to compete in the fields of environmental science, computer science, and more. CVCHS has been competing as a member of the broad Bay Area Region and GGSO will be the third physical invitational we attend.

“I did it in middle school and it’s just a really great team sport,” said Robert Bergman, AP Computer Science teacher and one of the advisors.

Christian Osbey, the junior team captain, can relate. Osbey first participated in sixth grade and introduced Science Olympiad competition to CVCHS last February.

“I think that it can enrich the lives of not only students, but the whole school!” Osbey believes.

Competitions can include laboratory events, engineering “build” events, and written tests to test a breadth of subjects. Team members, especially those responsible for participating in three or more “events” at a competition, conduct independent weekly preparation that may range from reviewing design plants to researching and studying obscure topics. Meetings are weekly during Ugly Hour to discuss preparation materials, logistics, and miscellaneous matters.

Ellie Tsao, a student that competes in the events Cell Biology as well as Anatomy and Physiology, said, “I really like applying the knowledge that I’ve learned from my science classes to academic competitions hosted by universities like UC Davis.”

Anthony Anderson, a math teacher and one of the advisors, describes the team as greatly “adding to the direction Clayton Valley is taking with their academic path.”

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