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  • Isabella Monet Mendoza

Continued: An Altered Athletic Community

Updated: Jan 6

It is no surprise the hopes of normalcy are slowly, but surely, returning. Less than a year ago, the state of Clayton Valley Charter High School’s sports community was reported as practically nonexistent due to COVID-19. As of the last few months, times are starting to change.

To many students’ excitement, intramural sports have returned to CVCHS. This has given students the opportunity to practice their game and spend time together. While these allotted times after school are regulated by mask-wearing and social distancing, intramural sports have become a staple that students look forward to after a long day on the computer.

Subi Velappan, a Junior at CVCHS who would normally be preparing for Varsity Badminton practice at this time of year, says, “What makes it [intramural sports] most fun is I get to see all my close friends again and laugh and just talk with them. Talking on the phone is definitely different from talking in person, and I kind of forgot how it felt.”

For now, intramural sports will take over the usual team practices. Any chance of the previous “normal” returning during this time of the year is unlikely. The latest update, as of February 23, 2021, declared by the CIF State and the North Coast Section is that all sports team practices will be moved to the winter and spring seasons. While this is disheartening for many student-athletes who have been itching to kick a ball with another team or swim a race, students remain hopeful.

Velappan elaborated on her previous statement, saying that: “I’m very hopeful that the next school year will have team sports because we definitely all miss it dearly.”

These intramural sports, accompanied by the school’s recent hybrid learning option, have given students a light to shine on their high school futures.

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