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  • Genesis Atoche

CV Choir Returns to Competition

Clayton Valley Choir will return to competition at the New Orleans Heritage Festival this April over spring break.

CV Choir has rekindled fundraising and their competitive spirit after the pandemic deterred them from competition for years. Choir students have endeavored to sell Jamba Juice gift cards, poinsettias, See’s Candy chocolates, A’s tickets, and more to make the New Orleans trip accessible. The New Orleans Heritage Festival offers the opportunity to both secure awards through song and enjoy local attractions.

When the choir members merge in melody and unite their voices as one, choir student Sarah Andrews hopes “that everyone will see that choir is an art form.”

Elizabeth Emigh, the choir director, feels that the New Orleans Heritage Festival will represent the work ethic and artistic expression of CV Choir. She encourages members to embody professionalism and feel proud of themselves for achievement at the school, regional, or national level.

CV Choir has a reputation for triple gold victories and McCovey Brennan, a senior student in CV Choir, projects that they are “even more prepared this year” than years past with upperclassmen guiding younger members.

Addison Grimesey, a fellow choir member, asserted that “the bond that you have with your peers” will be key to CVCHS success on top of preparation.

Leah Lopez, a senior student, agreed that “all of the people there are actually some of the most vibrant personalities I’ve ever met,” and she expects that they can collect some more gold to complement their sparkle.

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