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CVCHS Coloring Page

Coloring’s Role in Reducing Stress

There is no doubt that in the past eight months, the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected each and every one of our lives. Switching to online school has been difficult and stressful for many CVCHS students, so it’s important that we make time during our lives to get away from our screens and de-stress for a little bit. Offering many surprising benefits, coloring books have become a very fun and popular outlet for people to relax their minds.

Clinical Psychologist Scott M. Bea, PsyD, a doctor at the Cleveland Clinic, explains that adult coloring has become so popular because it refocuses our attention. He explains, “It’s a simple activity that takes us outside ourselves in the same way, cutting the lawn, knitting or taking a Sunday drive can all be relaxing.” By focusing on a simple activity instead of any worrying thoughts, one’s mind tends to relax pretty easily. Plus, since coloring is just for fun, there aren’t any high stakes that might make oneself feel scared to color outside the lines every once in a while. Furthermore, a study done in 2005 by the American Art Therapy Association proved that coloring in mandalas reduced anxiety in a group of undergraduate students.

In efforts to reduce the anxiety of CVCHS students, I drew up a printable CV-themed coloring page that you can do at home. However, if you want to color in something more intricate, there are tons of printable coloring pages online with all different kinds of really cool themes!

Click here to download and print out my coloring page.

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