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  • Miranda Ramirez

CVCHS Counts Its Ten Year Anniversary

This school year marks the ten-year anniversary of the CVCHS charter.

CVCHS began its charter status with the 2012-2013 school year. The initial effort for charter transformation was unsuccessful, but the school has since cruised through two charter renewals to its current ten-year old status.

“We are just getting started, just getting warmed up,” said director Bill Morones.

Morones also emphasized the academic and community growth enabled by charter status. Multiple interest academies and extracurriculars sprung up within the ten-year term. He noted that “our goal is always to get better.”

Sarah Lovick, a teacher, elaborated on the logistics behind CVCHS success. “We have not only the funding but the executive power to establish events such as College Bound Day.”

New policies and programs highlight the independence associated with charter status. For instance, the board of directors approved replacing the football turf and increasingly favors funding AP exams.

“There were growing pains, but that happens whenever you change,” said teacher Sayed Anwar. “I can only hope that our campus will continue to grow from the fruits of our nature.”

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