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  • Maria Tsurankova

CVCHS Drama On Tour

CVCHS Drama will be taking “The Elf On A Shelf Must Die” to Diablo View Middle School and potentially Pine Hollow Middle School this winter season.

CV Drama is transitioning to light holiday theater after their spooky “Trick or Troupe” cabaret in October. “The Elf On A Shelf Must Die” follows siblings Sammy and Mook as they race to restore their names to Santa’s Nice List after killing the titular elf.

“It’s a double homicide!” explained Abby Vibbat, the actress playing Mook.

The performance is intended to cultivate interest in the Clayton Arts Academy for potential freshmen. “The Elf On A Shelf Must Die” will be a production exclusive to local middle schools.

Ashlee Pilon, the actress playing Tinkerblossom, affirmed that the performance is “not a CVCHS show” despite its development on the CVCHS campus.

Addison Grimesey, a student affiliated with CV Choir and CV Drama, is thrilled “that our local middle schools are letting us perform!”

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