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First Concert of the School Year

Updated: Jan 10

The Clayton Valley Chamber Orchestra and Wind Ensemble will perform the Fall Concert this Wednesday, October 5 at 7 p.m. for free in the Multi-Use Room.

The Fall Concert is the first concert of the school year. Chamber orchestra and wind ensemble students have practiced for the performance since the beginning of the school year. The chamber orchestra students have prepared to play The Elements by Richard Meyer and Mock Morris by Percy Aldridge Grainger, arranged by Sandra Dackow. The wind ensemble students have prepared to play American Barndance by Richard Saucedo, Imaginarium by Randall Standridge, and Rollo Takes a Walk by David Maslanka.

“The orchestra is in a different spot this year,” said music director Chance Krause, explaining that the orchestra has been historically divided into advanced and beginning. “We’re back to having one combined orchestra.”

Maryrose Gonzales, a violin player, expressed mixed emotions as the orchestra performance approaches. “I’m a little nervous, but based on our rehearsal today, I think we played pretty well, so I think we’ll do good.”

Mr. Krause was particularly enthusiastic about the showing to come by wind ensemble. “They’re playing a piece called Rollo Takes a Walk by Maslanka, which is kind of a joke. It’s kind of supposed to sound bad and familiar, but it’s on purpose.

“You have to be a high enough level for the joke to come across,” Mr. Krause explained. “What’s hard about it is you can’t play it with a band that doesn’t sound really, really good, because if the band already doesn’t sound super good, it’s tragic.”

Dawson Ly, a percussionist, viewed the upcoming wind ensemble performance more lightly. “It’s really fun to hit stuff really loudly, and I’m feeling great about the concert. It’s going to be lots of fun, and it’s going to be my first time playing with an actual concert band in a while.”

“Whenever you start, you don’t really know where everyone’s going to be at,” said Mr. Krause, reflecting on preparation for the concert. “I am of the mindset of ‘rising tide raises all ships.’ If you give someone something that’s kind of above their skill level, but you give them the tools to get there, they’ll get there. That’s kind of what we’ve done with these pieces.”

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