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Girls Flag Football Under Consideration at CVCHS

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

A girls flag football team may be under the floodlights at CVCHS in the not too distant future.

The school is awaiting the approval of the California Interscholastic Federation, the state governing body for secondary sports, to take further action on the initiative. The level of interest shown by other members of the North Coast Section of CIF will decide the viability of the sport following approval.

“You know, some schools don’t even have tennis teams,” said Ed Norton, the assistant athletic director. “You want to make sure it’s not just an 8 game schedule.”

The push to offer girls flag football traces back to a 2021 CIF conference. The season for the sport—or even its prospects of approval—remain unknown, however, a year after Norton and athletic director Eric Bamberger learned about the initiative.

“It is in the works,” Bamberger said. “I’m guessing it would be a fall sport, but that would be decided by NCS and CIF.”

Laci Evanson, a senior at CVCHS, expressed strong support for girls flag football. “I would have participated if it was available freshman year.”

Nevertheless, the road to realize the sport is quite long. Management staff must be recruited to coach essentially an experimental year even if CIF approves it and CVCHS can form a robust league.

“It’s kind of like a trial year,” Norton admitted, explaining that the consistency of player attendance at practice, the overall level of interest, and more will determine the longevity of girls flag football if it is approved.

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