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  • Isabella Monet Mendoza

Homework Help

Math. Language. AP Classes. These are just some of the topics that are covered in the library, by students, year-round. For some, it is a study session; a review of complex trigonometry, or Montesquieu’s political outlook. For others, it is their after-school job, where responsibility earns them a smooth check inside their pants pocket, or where community hours become numbers on a timesheet.

“Homework Help” is a team of peer tutors organized by teacher Sarah Lovick. Each year, she has interviewed over 100 students before the fall term, selecting individuals she believed would be able to patiently teach those of their own. In addition, Lovick chooses two student managers, coordinators who will lead the after-school program in the time of her absence.

Since last summer, hired tutors and student managers have been working diligently to ensure that students in need receive the best attention possible. This year – very different as it marked Clayton Valley’s first, full-year back in the midst of the pandemic – meant that adaptability was key. Within the last few months, this has looked like holding tutoring sessions on Zoom, in addition to in-person meetings.

As of now, regarding the beginning of a new semester, there has been much time for reflection, and improvement.

In talking to Nicole Omori, a student manager of Homework Help, she relayed the following when asked about last semester’s operations and where progress could be made.

Omori stated how “there have also been several cases of students…disturbing the people who are there to work. We have since taken measures to ensure…a quiet and productive workspace… that everybody coming…can respect that.”

Omori is not the only tutor to feel this way. Others have chimed in as well, hoping that mutual respect can be drawn into the ever-evolving picture of peer education. At any rate, any escalation of this issue may result in proactive measures by faculty and a dire need of authoritative assertion. If this fails, Homework Help’s future might sprout a habit of “casual” review” rather than “purposeful learning”.

Nonetheless, the future remains hopeful.

Nicole Omori agreed, saying that “tutors are eager to help”.

So, if you walk into the library at 3:15 PM, and hear the clicks from Chromebooks and the hushed whispers of education, respect that community. If you are a tutor, wearing the trademark, black uniform, welcome your peers and assure them of your dedication to their education. From student to student, any call for change must go both ways. This is nothing new for Ugly Eagles, for if there is a will, there is a way.

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