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  • Lian Blaisdell

Homework Help Moves to In-School Hours

Homework Help is transitioning into the new Ugly Hour period after years of being an afterschool program.

Homework Help has adapted from a classroom to library model in its six year tenure, but now it will shift into multiple classrooms for the fifty-minute Ugly Hour occurring every block day. Homework Help traditionally offered peer-to-peer assistance Monday through Thursday after school, but the Ugly Hour created by the new schedule presents an unstructured time for students to visit teachers and seek potential tutoring.

“Ugly Hour is set up as an intervention which is embedded in the schedule for students to have more equal access,” said Chalio Medrano, the director of the student intervention department. “In a way to help students become more involved in their academics and get some assistance with homework, we embedded it in the Ugly Hour.”

The complete staff is now active and available to students as Homework Help runs, though it originally developed as a system of peer tutors in their absence. As the school adjusts to Ugly Hour, Homework Help will have to follow.

Sarah Lovick, the coordinator of Homework Help, identified several beneficiaries of the new time frame. “Many students said that they’d like to attend but had sports after school,” she explained, and noted that others citing carpool issues would now have the opportunity for assistance.

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