• Vinny Iachella

Huge Explosion in Beirut Port, Lebanon

A huge explosion sent a shock wave across Beirut.

The cause of the explosion is unknown. The blast site was the storage buildings in the Port of Beirut.

Several people in Beirut have captured the large explosion on camera:

Angle #1 https://streamable.com/xmmoa7

Angle #2 https://streamable.com/nscx9m

Angle #3 https://streamable.com/zbjj5f

Angle #4 https://streamable.com/saoafz

Angle #5 https://streamable.com/4ga1vb

Angle #6 https://streamable.com/lmivb2

Angle #7 https://streamable.com/mcy82f

Angle #8 https://streamable.com/zg9oal

Angle #9 https://streamable.com/zykkj6

Angle #10 https://streamable.com/22e152

Widespread destruction was seen around the port, with damage reported up to 15 miles away from the center of the blast.

As of Wednesday, August 5th, over 135 deaths and thousands of missing or injured people have been reported since the gruesome aftermath of the explosion. Lebanon Health Administer, Hamad Hassan, stated, “Buildings near the center of the explosion have been left heavily damaged, leaving 300,000 civilians without a home.”

New information about the explosion and how it was caused is presented daily. On August 4th, Major General Ibrahim, Director General of Lebanese Intelligence, stated that authorities confiscated a large cache of Ammonium Nitrate 6 years ago that was supposed to be destroyed and it exploded due to fire in the inventory at Beirut port.

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