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Introducing The Talon

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Fast-paced journalists scurrying around the room. Editors clamoring around written pieces to be submitted only minutes before the deadline. The exhilarating life within a newsroom.

As of the late 2019-20 school year, students at Clayton Valley Charter High School, home of the ugly eagles, have begun to revive The Talon, the school’s student newspaper that had been active until the 2017-18 school year. The final issue was published on May 30th of 2018, the second issue the former team of student journalists has printed that year.

In the summer of 2020, a few CV students and the journalism teacher Nick Hansen, brought the newspaper up to speed. Jason Shin, the president and editor of The Talon expressed that he felt the need to relaunch The Talon so that students will have a reliable source of information that pertains to the campus.

“I want The Talon to be a place which allows anyone with a story able to express it without fear of judgment... I would like to emphasize events happening currently such as the BLM protests and the many injustices occurring throughout our nation and its effects on students at CV...”

The many purposes that The Talon wishes to embody has attracted many to join this club and vocalize what they think needs to be heard. This adds to the fact that The Talon will be accepting any articles from various perspectives of students, allowing The Talon to be a credible source of information

The Talon’s club advisor Nick Hansen, agrees with Shin’s statement, and added his thoughts on the importance of a student newspaper, “As for potential, I'd say I'm really excited about this group and our future. We have students who actually want to do this and are investing time outside of school and their normal everyday lives.”

He also strongly emphasized that, “News is an essential part of life. Getting clear, accurate, and reliable information is as important today as it's ever been...”

All those a part of the online newspaper are adamant about holding these terms to be true. It is a grand responsibility and privilege for the youth at Clayton Valley Charter High School to pursue the reality and standards of news coverage.

However, some may confuse the art and skill of journalism for the mundane illusion of someone who endlessly types away at a keyboard. Yet, they forget that the purpose of journalism is rooted in the language of words. To communicate a subject persuasively that captures the mind and the heart, it’s important to use words that arouse intrigue or emotion. It is beautiful to realize that journalism has not lost prevalence in our world today.

At Clayton Valley Charter High School, The Talon serves as a form of empowerment and expression to those behind the articles of certain beats, as well as for the students, staff, and families who read what is written. In this day and age, Clayton Valley Charter High School’s student-run online newspaper must continue to thrive. The events most recently occurring in the world, such as Black Lives Matter or COVID-19, affects campus life, as well as campus-specific events such as the excessive amount of vaping. These events bring about a clear message: the newspaper serves not only as a medium for information, but a voice of the students.

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