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Life Tips to Help You Succeed As a Student

As a teenager, demands in life can pile up quickly. Whether these persistent tasks may be school, homework, sports, or even finding time to connect with friends and family, it is important to acquire skills that can help manage time and find balance. Here are some tips to guide you to success as a student, and ultimately, as a person.

To begin, having a positive attitude makes all the difference. While this may seem obvious, it is vital to acknowledge that a “growth mindset” is a clear way to a healthier mental state.

Brain Tickle, a newsletter dedicated to creating content that implements a growth mindset, coins the term as someone who chooses to “Persevere in the face of failures...build new skills, find inspiration…[and] embrace challenges.”

It is just as important to learn from your failures. Blaming mistakes on others or falling back on self-deprecating thoughts will not help you succeed. For example, if you failed your math test, you should refrain from saying things like: “That teacher just doesn’t like me” or “I’ve never been good at math”. These comments are detrimental to the growth mindset mentioned earlier. Furthermore, adopting the habit of reflecting on your mistakes to discover what could be done better in the future is a sure way to reach success.

On that note, develop healthy and helpful habits. Some of the most important ways to succeed are also the most simple. In other words, care for yourself physically and mentally. This may look like drinking water or taking short breaks in between studying. Consistency is key. Transformation done for the fruits of success is difficult to achieve alone, so do not be afraid to ask for help.

To elaborate on mind and body care, adequate amounts of sleep are essential for any well-functioning human being. There are many damaging effects of sleep loss, including memory impairment and a lack of alertness, both of which can hinder success.

Furthermore, remembering to stay organized is another way to reach success. At any age or during any time, being organized will increase productivity and help reduce stress. The “ups” and “downs” in life will unfold much smoother if time is taken to assemble the clutter.

In short, in order to succeed you have to be determined and relentless. Implementing these tips will impact your life and those around you - even if just one healthy habit is developed.

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