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  • Maria Tsurankova

Little Shop of Horrors

CVCHS Drama will be putting on “Little Shop of Horrors” this weekend. The cast describes it as the spine-chilling story of a failing flower shop’s deepest secrets.

There will be three performances of this show. The first two performances will occur at 7:00pm on February 10th and 11th. The closing matinee performance will be on Sunday, February 12th, at 3:00 p.m. Co-leads are Brian Doolittle as “Seymour” and Sarah Andrews as “Audrey,” with fellow performers Memo Cortes, Yasmin Martinez, Abby Vibat, Addison Grimesey, David Giordano, Elijah Waller, Aislynn Barkley-Grigs, and McCovey Brennan.

“It’s a can’t miss show!” said Addison Grimesey, playing street urchin “Chiffon.”

Tickets are $7 dollars for students and $10 dollars for adults. The show will combine onstage performance, student Tech Crew support, and puppetry.

“Spend $7, come see ‘Little Shop’!” said Andrew Gonzales, Tech Crew student.

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