• Meredith Edmonston

Lockdown Orders Lifted in California

As of January 24, 2021, Governor Newsom lifted the stay-at-home order in Southern California as well as in the San Joaquin Valley and Bay Area regions. Counties will now be monitored by colored tiers to determine when businesses can open. Currently, outdoor dining is allowed in addition to the re-opening of personal care services such as hair and nail salons (with modifications). For the general population, social distancing and mask rules are still in place. Dr. Fauci says adhering to these rules and the wide distribution of vaccines could allow for normalcy by the end of this fall.

There has been a lot of speculation about Biden’s promise to put “At least 100 million COVID vaccine shots into the arms of the American people in the 100 days.” This statement was corroborated by Dr. Anthony Fauci on CBS news. The doctor said this is indeed doable. In fact, her used the reference that this number is a floor, not a ceiling meaning that he and his team aim to vaccinate even more individuals.

However, be warned. The UK has experienced a slight mutation of COVID-19 and scientists, including America’s own Dr. Fauci, have confirmed that the altered virus poses a higher death threat than the original. Luckily, the Moderna and Pfizer treatments seem to protect against this new threat.

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