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New Year, New School

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Clayton Valley Charter High School is welcoming a new department as the school enters the tenth year of its charter.

The “student intervention” department, formerly “discipline,” will continue under the leadership of director Chalio Medrano. The dean of students, responsible for day-to-day student engagement and behavioral management, is now a shared position between former CVCHS math teacher Tatum McGuire and experienced dean of students Jose Estrada.

“The ‘intervention’ is about progressive discipline,” Medrano explained. “We want to get to the root of the issue and establish a proper protocol.”

In some respects, however, the name change appears to be superficial. Dr. Patrick Gaffney, a longtime counselor at Clayton Valley, noted no expanded collaboration between the student intervention and counseling departments despite the “progressive” change.

“They have their own system,” he said, referring to the student intervention department.

McGuire described the name change as an effort to reflect the overall mission of the department.

“Discipline sounds negative,” she said. “But we also help kids.”

Medrano maintained that the department has a new outlook, and former principal Jeff Anderson briefly assisted at the beginning of the school year with its rollout.

“This has been in the works,” Medrano said. While announcing Ugly Hour on Schoology, however, he styled himself the "Director of Discipline."

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