• Meredith Edmonston & Nia Williams

President Trump's Attorney Tests Positive for Covid-19

Rudy Giuliani, attorney to Donald Trump, tested positive for COVID-19 yesterday afternoon. This was confirmed by the President himself, and announced to the public via Twitter. It’s been noted that the former NYC mayor had not been practicing social distancing etiquette or wearing a mask in multiple instances.

Since President Trump’s diagnosis of the virus back in October, many people in his inner circle have contracted Coronavirus. With Giuliani being added to this list, more people have been put at risk. According to the Chicago Tribune, Giuliani attended a hearing on Thursday in a closed space without wearing a mask. The meeting lasted for seven hours, and several of the state senators who were in attendance, all of which were republican, were not wearing masks either. Georgia state senator Jen Jordan, who was in attendance at this hearing on Thursday with Giuliani, tweeted, “Little did I know that most credible death threat I encountered last week was Trump’s own lawyer”.

Giuliani, currently 76 years old, falls under the “at-risk” category in terms of contracting and recovering from the COVID-19 virus. Because of his age, it’ll be very difficult for his immune system to ward off the illness. Giuliani is currently being held and treated at Medstar Georgetown University Hospital in Washington DC.

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