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  • Jessica Cortes

Rally Report: Winter Rally 2023

CVCHS ASB organized the Winter Rally in January to jumpstart the second semester. The goal was to energize students and highlight various campus activities, from sports to drama.

The rally opened with a rendition of the National Anthem by choir student Yasmin Martinez and closed with a performance by the entire student drumline. Between, rally commissioners Oscar Martinez and Andrei Gesmundo directed a showcase including shoutouts to winter sports, a number from the drama department, and a dodgeball competition.

The drama department put on a number from “Little Shop of Horrors,” their upcoming musical. Leads Brian Doolittle and Sarah Andrews sang “Suddenly, Seymour” with ensemble support and surprised the crowd with a stage kiss.

Martinez and Gesmundo thereafter announced the captains for each winter sport and provided them a platform to engage the crowd. Basketball, wrestling, soccer, and dance were acknowledged and student athletes in each took the opportunity for a small appearance. The dance team featured the longest, though, with a presentation of multiple routines.

Gesmundo and Martinez then transitioned the show to a dodgeball tournament between students and teachers. Referee calls were lax and lighting was dim, so teachers and students alike persisted through tough hits and difficult maneuvering. The students, though, won the game in the end.

The final act went to the student drumline. Senior Dawnson Ly sealed the show with a drumstick toss and catch.

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