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Student-anchored Video Announcements in Development

The development of the student-anchored video announcements will not be complete by the end of the 2022-2023 school year. The producers, including video productions students, ASB leadership, and administrators, are preparing to launch video announcements this fall as a yearlong project alongside mainstay ASB functions like rallies.

The prospect of student-anchored video announcements has brewed for a few years among teachers and administrators. ASB announced its arrival in late fall 2022. The complex scheduling and demands of the various producers, however, impeded its rollout. The accessibility of the announcements to every classroom alone, for instance, could pose a significant challenge to the technical infrastructure on campus.

“We have limited time to welcome on new projects mid-year,” explained Jenna Ebert, the ASB advisor.

The main crew will be students in the video productions class. Technical setup will consume significant time and pacing through it offers greater curricular value, so the news segments will be pre-recorded. As a result, students will have the flexibility to step in as directors, camera operators, and more.

Nonetheless, Nick Hansen, the teacher of the Video Productions courses on campus, expressed concern about the effect of the recordings on the larger learning process. “Inserting a weekly production that would eat up quite a bit of class time would force other units and areas of study to either be condensed or cut entirely. This isn’t really ideal in my opinion as there’s a lot of learning and practicing that needs to be done within Video Productions.”

Sunny Shergill, director of school services and the student Tech Crew program, also emphasized the legal demands of video announcements. “We would need to ensure that students appearing on the video announcements have a media release form on file, especially if they go out on the Internet. We also would need to protect who has access to the posting of the videos, and what the parameters are for posting videos.”

Bill Morones, a director at CVCHS, conceded that the development of the video announcements “fell off my radar.” However, he affirmed that the gathering “all the stakeholders” would streamline the production ahead of its rollout this fall.

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