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Student's Advice: How to Raise Your Grades

With online school as the new normal for many students at CV, many difficulties have been happening over the first quarter: malfunctions with technology, too much homework, and even grades slightly slipping. Even with these difficulties, have some hope! A few students at CV have some advice and tips for you on how to keep your grades up top notch. Students were interviewed and asked one question: “What tips do you have for students who would like to raise their grades?”

Lily Webster, a junior at Clayton Valley, emphasized, “Staying consistent with your work ethic and completing your assignments the day they are assigned is a good way to not fall behind, hence the grades start dropping. You wouldn’t want to do an assignment last minute because then there is more pressure and stress on your end, when instead, you could just get it over with and never have to think about it anymore.”

Makena Cooper, a sophomore, replied with, “Always make sure that you complete everything on time, that way nothing will be marked late or missing and no zeros will be given.”

Allison Pamer, another junior at Clayton Valley, emphasized, “Studying helps a lot, and if you don’t understand something, do NOT give up! Look on Youtube for videos to help, go to office hours, email your teacher, or see our homework help mentors! All these things are given to you for no cost because CV wants to see everyone succeed!”

Grecia Davila, junior, stated, “I advise the students who are looking to raise their grades to reach out to teachers for help and to buy a planner. When you have low grades in a class, it’s most likely that you’re not understanding the material, especially during distance learning. Teachers have scheduled office hours to help and support students, so take advantage of that opportunity! The planner can help you organize your academics, personal life, and extracurriculars. You should list what assignments are due on which date to avoid late work and marked zeros.” Well said, Grecia!

Nia Williams, senior, advised, “Definitely turn in your work and be in communication with your teachers at all times. Even if you missed an assignment or you didn’t do well on a test and don’t think they’ll allow you to retake it, still reach out. You never know and it's always worth it to get that step ahead and get the help you need.”

Sophia Ringer, senior, also emphasized, “Be sure to make and stick to a schedule. Going to office hours and homework help are great ways to grasp concepts which you might not understand.”

Lastly, Helen Rivera, junior, explained, “Go to office hours if you are having trouble with your classes. Your teachers are your best source, and maybe even ask a few classmates if they can walk you through the subjects as well.”

To summarize, please go get help if you need it; in the long run, it will be so worth it. You won’t have to feel pressured nor stressed to finish things at a certain time because you did it the day you were assigned. If you need it, go to office hours for whichever class you may be struggling with, or even go to homework mentor help offered by the school! Students your own age are willing to help you out with anything you may be confused on, and it sometimes can be more comfortable student to student rather than teacher to student at times. Like Grecia said, a planner is very useful for many people. You can remind yourself not to forget to do these assignments, as well as write down the next ones coming up in the near future. All these resources are easy to access, at your fingertips and ready to go! Feel free to leave comments below this article if you have any advice for some students here at CV!

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