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Students Feelings on Distance Learning

Updated: Jan 6

The CVCHS governing board has decided to go virtual for the first semester of the 2020-2021 school year due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The state of California requires all activities to be held online for now until we get the coronavirus under control. This means no sports like football and cross country, no events such as band and choir concerts, and no going to school in general.

But what does this mean for us students? We have to balance school and home time by getting all homework/classwork done. We also have to deal with technical issues, and make sure we are on time and in the right session for our classes.

For seniors this can be quite frustrating, because it's their last year of high school. They should be enjoying life, taking in the last few moments of Clayton Valley, and making their last memories at senior events. Those events include the Hurricane Harbor Trip and Senior ball before they set off into their adult years in college. For juniors, this is typically the busiest high school year. They have to study for the SAT and ACT, and get excited for events like their first junior prom. For sophomores, they are missing out on a full year of setting back and having fun. Homecoming and other activities are what make sophomore year so exciting. Finally, for freshmen, they’re missing out on a whole first year of high school. Instead of meeting new friends, figuring out how to prepare for the rest of their next three years, and getting a feel of what it’s like to even be in high school, they have to start their year virtually. This can be just as nerve wracking since it is indeed their first year, and they don’t get the normal freshmen orientation at the beginning of summer that Link Crew provides like every other class did. Instead, some of them are still a bit confused as to what’s going on.

A group of students from CVCHS, which included a freshman, a sophomore, two juniors, and a senior, were interviewed on their thoughts on the matter about how they felt coming back to school virtually. The question proposed was, “How do you, a CV student, feel about coming back to school virtually?” Here is what each student had to say.

The first interview started with Darius Hopkins, a rising senior. “Well I’m a senior this year, so I’m upset that I can’t be with my friends on campus for my last year, but it’s the smarter choice to do it virtually.”

Next interviewed was Allison Pamer, an incoming junior, and what her thoughts were on the situation. “Personally, I am not a fan of returning to online school. Not only does it make it difficult for me and many others to plan my work schedule and social activities, but it makes it much more difficult to learn. I understand that Clayton Valley is trying their best and are only following the rules of Contra Costa County, but I wish there was more we could do.”

Another junior, Gianna Cicala, also gave her input on the situation, “I don’t like it at all. I know that it’s easy for most people, but I’m not one of those people. Learning in school was difficult for me already, but now that I have to go online and try to learn? It makes it much more difficult, but I understand the severity of the situation because of COVID-19, and I just wish everything went back to normal.”

Another person interviewed was Leah Lopez, an incoming sophomore, “It all doesn’t feel real, honestly. The thought of living through a pandemic never crossed my mind, and now all of our lives have been flipped upside down. We frantically are trying to adjust. I really appreciate that we’re keeping our teachers and students safe, all in all. However, part of me is worried about communication being difficult as well as getting my work done all online.”

Lastly, Zoe Lahanas, an incoming freshman, was interviewed, “I feel a little sad honestly because the thing I was looking forward to most about high school was meeting new people and branching out, so I’m sad that we have to meet each other over zoom and stuff.”

All these responses are definitely understandable. People may understand the seniors situation, this being their last year of high school. People also understand how the freshmen may feel, for this is their first year of high school. Although, if this is what it takes to make us students safer, and our campus and country COVID free, everyone would take that any day over risking getting themselves, their loved ones, and possibly all of the school sick.

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