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  • Meredith Edmonston

The Shot That Could Change It All

As of Tuesday, December 8, Britain administered the vaccination of 90-year-old Margaret Keenan. Margaret is the first in the world to receive the clinically approved BioNTech-Pfizer vaccine, which holds hope of preventing the contraction of COVID-19. After a rigorous clinical trial, the shots will now be distributed to the general public in the U.K.

There is speculation that the U.S. and other European countries will be approving the vaccine for dispersal within the following weeks of this tremendous event. However, densely populated areas in the United States will face difficulty in mass delivery. Although the U.S. hasn’t approved a vaccine yet, the CDC has been working with health departments to formulate plans for possible scenarios when a vaccine is made available.

Outside of the states, China and Russia have approved vaccines that are still in the third phase of clinical trials. Scientists believe that all three trial phases should be complete for a safe and effective serum.

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