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  • Conner Emery

Varsity Football November 11, 2022

The CVCHS Ugly Eagles triumphed in their rematch against the California High School Grizzlies to advance in the North Coast Section playoffs.

The Ugly Eagles denied the Grizzlies the entire fourth quarter to seal the final score at 42-21. CVCHS clinched a touchdown and PAT early in the quarter and celebrated their deficit before the game clock even reached three minutes.

The Grizzlies momentarily slashed the Ugly Eagles lead in the third quarter. California High climbed to 21-21 and intercepted a CVCHS pass for offensive possession, but the Ugly Eagles rallied firmly. They intercepted the Grizzlies within seconds and marched into another lead with two more touchdowns and PATs.

CVCHS struggled most in the second quarter. They scored a two-point conversion after racing into the end zone early on, but their later offensive possessions were mired in incomplete passes. By comparison, California High fought for their second touchdown up to the one-yard line.

The first quarter was a bellwether for CVCHS success. The Ugly Eagles scored two touchdowns while the Grizzlies went scoreless. The quarterback Christian Aguilar ran the ball into the end zone for the first and the second was a one-handed reception by Daven Amos.

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