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  • Conner Emery

Varsity Football November 18, 2022

The CVCHS Ugly Eagles soared to a win over the Liberty High Lions 21-13.

The final minute of the fourth quarter presented a revealing showdown with dueling timeouts. The Lions were on their fourth down with over fifteen yards to rush, while the Ugly Eagles were sitting on an eight point lead. Liberty ultimately mustered an incomplete pass once the game clock started and handed NCS playoff advancement to CVCHS.

The Lions struggled to build momentum against the CVCHS defensive line. The quarterback

secured their second touchdown by dashing into the end zone in the fourth quarter, though the ensuing PAT was blocked. The Ugly Eagles controlled the second and third quarters outright as they racked up three touchdowns while they suppressed Lions scoring.

Liberty started strong in the first quarter as the first team to reach the end zone. They proceeded to execute several incomplete passes, however, and lose possession without a strong lead to counter the coming CVCHS wave.

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