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  • Porter Brown

Varsity Volleyball, April 20, 2023

The CVCHS Ugly Eagles swept the Miramonte High School Matadors in three straight sets for a victorious varsity Senior Night.

The Ugly Eagles led by over ten points in the first two sets, though the Matadors finished out the final set with a deficit of only seven points. Joey Postlethwaite closed out the first set for the Ugly Eagles with an ace, setting the tone for the rest of the night.

The final set was the closest in score, 25-18, but CVCHS led Miramonte the entire time. Ugly Eagle Zach Berg capitalized on weak defense for an early 6-1 lead, and Postlethwaite later hit four consecutive aces to the effect of 16-5. Ugly Eagle Javon Hopkins hit for the largest lead of the set, advancing CVCHS to 20-10. The Ugly Eagles then hovered at 23 for three points, but poor passing and serving by the Matadors finally cost them the game.

By comparison, the teams tied four times in the first set. Miramonte led multiple times and built momentum off of bad play by CVCHS. At 1-1, 4-4, 7-7, and 13-13, the teams jostled for the lead, with CVCHS ultimately beginning a run from the last tie after a series of comeback serves. The Ugly Eagles beat out the Matadors in the first set 25- 14. CVCHS sailed through the second thereafter, beating out Miramonte 25-9.

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