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Varsity Volleyball, March 21, 2023

The CVCHS Ugly Eagles were swept for the first time in the season by the Benicia High Panthers.

CVCHS fought for three close sets, but ultimately Benicia triumphed 26-24, 30-28, and 25-20. The Ugly Eagles will notch their first defeat of the season as a result and look forward to mount a winning streak.

CVCHS team captain Adrian Salamasidis said that “we all have our ups and downs, but we always learn to come back.”

The Ugly Eagles unfortunately decided the first two sets by hitting out of bounds. Salamasidis was responsible in the first set, though he also started a run for CVCHS from a 14-14 tie with two aces. Joey Postlethwaite and teammates advanced CVCHS from there to a 24-24 tie, but a mistaken hit by Salamasidis ultimately sealed the set for Benicia. Similarly, Postlethwaite secured the second set for the Panthers with a mistaken hit. However, he also edged the Eagles past ties earlier in the set, including points 7-6 and 10-9, and Salamasidis aced three of his serves for an 18-15 lead. In the end, Benicia won out 30-28 from a tough eight point back-and-forth with Postlethwaite’s bad hit.

Benicia closed out the night 25-20 with the greatest margin of any set. The Eagles moved to a 7-4 lead early on, though the Panthers countered quickly with a four point serve streak. CVCHS ensured critical ties with a spike at 8-8, a serve at 12-12, and a tip over the net at 20-20. However, subpar passing, hits into the net, an out serve, and an out hit by CVCHS enabled Benicia’s march to victory.

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