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  • Porter Brown

Varsity Volleyball, March 23, 2023

The CVCHS Ugly Eagles triumphed over the Antioch High Panthers in their sixth game of the regular season.

CVCHS rebounded off a sweep by Benicia High with their own sweep of Antioch High. The Panthers narrowed the margin of victory with each set, but the Eagles continued to dominate.

“I’m glad that we are back in the win column as a team,” said player Joey Postlethwaite. “I hope to win many more times this season.”

The Eagles won the final set alone by two-point advantage. The set also tied over four times—a mishit by Postlethwaite brought the score to 11-11, a spike by captain Adrian Salamasidis advanced CVCHS to 13-13, an out serve by setter Zach Berg balanced the score at 15-15, the whole team played off of poor Antioch defense for 21-21, and more. The Eagles and the Panthers played back and forth for the final points, wherein the Eagles shut the Panthers out at 27-25.

On the other hand, CVCHS maintained a small lead for most of the first and second sets. In the first set, the Eagles often led by a comfortable eight points before a small Panthers recovery. Senior Javon Hopkins spiked on the Panthers for 12-4, while Postlethwaite spiked for 14-6, and so on. The team altogether rained aces, spikes, and tips on Antioch to the effect of a strong 25-16 win. The Eagles won 25-18 in the second set, wherein the Panthers fought much fiercer against streaks. Outside hitter and senior Javon Hopkins secured CVCHS success with the final point of the second set.

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