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  • Porter Brown

Varsity Volleyball, March 9, 2023

The CVCHS Ugly Eagles soared to their second victory of the season against the Concord High Minutemen, setting a winning streak.

CVCHS swept the game by winning three straight sets. Concord forced the first set, 25-23, to be the closest with a seven point run. CVCHS ultimately secured the win by virtue of Concord hitting a serve out of bounds.

Joey Postlethwaite, an outside hitter, scored ten points alone, saying "I'm glad I played well and hope to improve my skills in the game."

In fact, the Eagles blazed through the second set 25-8. Javon Hopkins started the set and spiked multiple points on the Minutemen, building a momentum that Concord could not overcome. Hopkins said that he “was proud of his performance.”

Concord rallied slightly in the final set, 25-17, though they could not defend against CVCHS serving. Postlethwaite and teammates Adrian Salamasdis and Christian Havel led the offense against the Minutemen, delivering steep serves and spikes that would determine the third set in the Eagles’s favor.

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