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  • Conner Emery

Varsity Volleyball, October 18, 2022

The Berean Christian High School Eagles snatched a Senior Night victory from the CVCHS Ugly Eagles by winning three straight sets.

Berean dominated the final set such that their smallest lead was six points. They disrupted their unbroken, eleven-point march to victory by hitting the ball out, though the ball bounced off the rafters in the next point and CV was unable to coordinate the ball off-kilter. In fact, Berean interrupted their eight-point run at the beginning of the set to yield CV a point with a failed serve.

In the first and second sets, by contrast, CV posted double digits before Berean’s eventual victory. Though the final CV score declined steadily from the first set, CV mustered four ties in the second set after only one in the first. In the first set, the Ugly Eagles trailed their opponents after a brief 4-4 tie, but in the second set, they fought for a 12-12 tie after Berean surged ahead from 3-3. Berean countered thereafter with a nine-point streak, illustrating a ferocity CV couldn’t overcome.

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