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  • Conner Emery

Varsity Volleyball September 19, 2022

The CVCHS Ugly Eagles repressed a steady climb from behind by the Ygnacio Valley Wolves in the third set, securing an overall match victory by winning three consecutive sets.

The third set paralleled the first, with the Eagles establishing a quick lead eventually shaken by a time out by the Wolves. In the first set, CV pushed through to 25-13, while in the final set, their 14 point lead was interrupted by a 5 point scoring streak by the Wolves. After a long rally, the Eagles ultimately sealed their success at another 25-13 score by tapping the ball over the net when the opposing middle blockers prepared for a spike.

By contrast, the second set was a bitter 30-28 contest. Ygnacio Valley chipped away at a substantial CV lead, and at 22-21, Clayton Valley called time out. In the next two points, the Wolves surged ahead, opening a back-and-forth effort to win the set by two points. After several ties, the Eagles once more took the lead at 29-28, and Ygnacio Valley couldn’t respond to the ensuing fiery serve.

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