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  • Conner Emery

Varsity Volleyball September 27, 2022

The CVCHS Ugly Eagles forced a final contest to fifteen points after rallying in the fourth set, but the Alhambra Bulldogs ultimately won the day 15-12 after earlier victories in the first and third sets.

Alhambra hovered at 14 points in the final set for multiple plays before sealing the game with a deep, line-hugging hit. Clayton Valley called a timeout after the Bulldogs overtook their early lead, but the Eagles were unable to catch up. Alhambra yielded three points with serves that landed into the net, but the Eagles failed to capitalize.

By contrast, CV essentially traded points with Alhambra before claiming a win in the second set, and they surged past a 5 point deficit to take the fourth set. The game was tied multiple times within six plays in the second set, though the Eagles won 25-23 with a decisive spike. In the fourth set, CV chipped away a Bulldog lead and established their own for a 25-21 win despite multiple timeouts by Alhambra.

In the previous set, the Eagles suffered an irregular 25-13 blowout, as the sets were otherwise within five points. CV scored first in every single set except the third, where Alhambra mustered a four point lead multiple times and ultimately cruised to victory with five consecutive points. On the other hand, the Bulldogs struggled to a 27-25 win in the first set, foreshadowing the tightness of the game to come.

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