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  • Conner Emery

Varsity Volleyball September 29, 2022

The CVCHS Ugly Eagles couldn’t wrestle a win from the talons of the College Park Falcons, who established quick, powerful leads in each of the three sets.

College Park secured a dominant 25-13 win in the final set with a referee call. Clayton Valley struggled to muster the points and the morale to remain competitive after losing the previous two sets. The Falcons opened with a dispiriting six point streak, and when their lead closed to one point, they rallied an eight point streak interrupted only by a failed serve.

The final set lacked a single tie, though Clayton Valley forced a tie with College Park several times in the first and second sets. The three ties of the first set were within six plays of one another at 3-3, 5-5, and 6-6, the last of which preceded one of multiple three point streaks by College Park. The Falcons ultimately captured the first set 25-16 with a five point streak.

The second set, by comparison, boasted seven total ties. College Park established a marginal lead after the tie at 10-10, but after Clayton Valley returned in force for a 14-14 confrontation, they threw down another five point streak. The Falcons held the lead for the rest of the set and hovered at 24 points for two plays before a referee call on the Eagles in a sour sign of the set to come.

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