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  • Lian Blaisdell

"Voices of Impact" Echoes

The Clayton Arts Academy showcased its Fall All-Academy Project Presentations: Voices of Impact in early November.

Voices of Impact is one of eight different CAA projects that students create over the course their tenure in the academy. Working in groups consisting of all grade levels, each student represented one of the academy’s four Specialty Art classes: art, drama, photography, and video production.

“The students get so much out of our All-Academy Projects,” said Elizabeth Abbott, the lead academy teacher. “This one was filled with tasks that helped them hone their research skills, their language skills, and definitely their various arts skills. All of these things will help them in their future: throughout high school, college, and in whatever job they choose.”

The groups combined original artwork with a dramatic performance in an artistic homage. They also had to analyze the initial and contemporary impact of the singer, composer, or other media source that inspired their production.

Sophomore Maximo Magdaleno highlighted the variety of the project. “It allowed every kind of student to use their specialty. For example, the dramatic representation would let the drama kids--or the more social kids--of the Art Academy to show off their skills. With the art installation, it also helped the more shy students‒the art and photo kids‒to show off what they really like.”

David Giordano, a fellow sophomore, concurred. “I really enjoyed that all the different grade levels got to work together and I think it was fun that we got to collaborate on an artist that we got to choose. Being able to pick who we did our project on was able to help with the relationship in the group.”

Magdaleno noted that "many people in the Art Academy" can be reserved, but this project offered the opportunity to articulate the impact of artistic expression and personal connection to it. “That’s one of the main parts about art: it’s another way to show what kind of person you are and be able to express your feelings.”

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